There is a Spain beyond sun and beaches.

A country where you can live, feel and share passion, art, design, ideas at the vanguard and style.

Land of creators like Gaudí, Dalí, Tapies, Picasso and Velazquez. Architects like Calatrava, Bofill and Moneo. Skilled masters of haute cuisine like Ferran Adriá and fashion geniuses like Balenciaga.

A land blessed by the sun and by its colours, where you can organise all kinds of events and trips whilst enjoying a unique climate.

What makes us different and why are we an exclusive DMC in Spain?

We know our business and in our philosophy:

  • Luxury means that every detail is planned carefully
  • The exclusivity of our experiences is proportional to the number of guests
  • We have been working in an international team for an international client profile for years.

So, if you are planning a product launch event, an internal meeting or just an incentive trip and you want something different, tailor-made, exclusive and which suits what you want to convey, whatever your guest profile, we are here for you.