Renting division - Financial Sector
Client test drive and training
6 cities, Spain


The Renting division of a major Spanish bank asked us to develop a roadshow which would include an experience that would have distinctive added value for their guests.


  • We developed an attractive communications strategy which clearly conveyed the value we were offering in the experience and also linked our client with values such as innovation, technology, sustainability and the environment.
  • We handled all the logistics from finding suitable spaces, organising the catering and specialist personnel, liaising with the car marques, some of them proposed by us.
  • We provided an element of sustainability by developing vehicle tests with clean emission technologies as well as providing the rudiments of efficient driving.
  • Some of the spaces we proposed were owned by foundations, so the money invested there went to good causes.



The communications strategy transmitted future, innovation, technology and premium character.


Passionate about the details, with a human touch on the part of our team of professionals.


We developed a product test experience with marques such as BMW, Porsche, Lexus and Tesla, using tailor-made routes and on which we provided efficient driving rudiments for our client’s guests.


We succeeded in getting Tesla to sign up for the project, the California marque of high performance sports vehicles, 100% electric, which has a roadster model selling for € 100,000. It was the first time they had done anything like this in Spain.