Consumer division - Financial Sector


On its annual incentive trip our client, a division of a leading financial institution, wanted to reward its distributors’ network in an original way.


We made the plot and the character lead us to the destination. Given that the distributors’ network worked in the automotive sector, we suggested Germany as a destination. But once we had the country, we needed the city. And the destination was decided by creating a fictional character whose story was closely tied to the history of the city of the journey, and with proposing a new way of revealing its “enigmatic” and unknown face.


We wanted to lend a “retro” style, with a dash of mystery, to the whole trip, designing experiences which were inspired in these two concepts.


We passionately worked out the details, but also communicated beforehand with a series of telegrams, thus creating a great deal of anticipation and keeping the incentive going for a whole year.


We knew the destination city in depth and, together with our partners in Germany, we succeeded in discovering, proposing and carrying out experiences that showed us a completely different city, inspired by the plot and the character we had created.


In our opinion, exclusivity lies in the details. A simple example of one during the trip was our choice of a designer hotel which had formerly been the Federal Republic Bank, bearing in mind that the client was a financial institution. A wink to our client and something their guests would remember.