Events and trips with soul

Pret&you have carried out a range of different CSR programmes over the last few years, particularly of two types:

  • Actions whose “leit motiv” inspiring the experience was a CSR action
  • Others where pret&you suggested carrying out some kind of CSR action as part of the trip or event to provide added value.

We believe that details are the foundation for success and in the case of CSR programmes we are in favour of a gradual, step-by-step approach, proposing different CSR projects to our clients when they are planning their programmes.

Our examples include planting trees in Iceland to compensate for the CO2 car emissions caused by an incentive trip, cooperating with an NGO so that we were able to make ill children smile during a European roadshow, or, if something a little more complex is asked for, holding a charity auction in Paris of things belonging to Fernando Alonso with the aim of collecting funds for an NGO.

Sometimes something as simple as the choice of a space to hold an event can have a positive effect on those who most need it. Another example are events we have developed proposing Foundations as alternative spaces, and contributing in this way to their social remit by choosing them.

As we are fond of saying, the sum of small gestures can add up to large achievements.