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Our client, one of the most prestigious leading brands in high performance cars, asked us from their central offices in Italy to prepare a journey to Budapest, Hungary to organise a press test drive of their product.


The logistics of a journey of around 2000 km crossing countries like Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary, represent a challenge. We provided experiences which, when linked with the excitement of driving an exceptional vehicle, lent a unique character to the whole trip, the search for the perfect symbiosis between brand and lifestyle.


Given that our client sets great store by superb design and personal service, together with safety, throughout the journey we endeavoured to discover a different way of looking at Italy, Slovenia and Hungary, enjoying their fine cuisine and little known natural beauty spots that would be exclusive and exceptional.


Everything to do with our client transmits passion. We succeeded in forming a team with our client which conveyed this feeling powerfully, together with personality and careful attention to detail.


The logistic capability of managing a convoy of cars over four countries and crossing nearly 2000 kilometres was a real challenge. Even more so since on the outbound journey we had one group of guests and on the return journey we were with another group until Italy, meaning that we had to design two completely different routes.


As we are in the habit of saying, exclusivity is the sum of a lot of small details. For example, going into the deepest hinterland of Hungary in order to have a meal in a real palace surrounded by stables and horses in a clear reference to our client’s corporate identity. Another spectacular experience was being able to go to the Formula 1 GP at the Hungaroring circuit.

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