Ever since we began, at pret&you, we have placed great importance on exclusivity, privacy and confidentiality as integral aspects of our style.

Our philosophy means that we don’t discuss what we do nor who we do it for unless our clients tell us otherwise. This observation is an important one, because our clients’ guest profile is a high-net worth individual or KOLs, who want to limit their public exposure.


We understand that it might sound contradictory when we are living in the Facebook, Twitter and youtube era, where all companies and agencies try to maximise their communication and interaction. But for us it is a part of the distinctive added value we offer our clients, since we believe that privacy is becoming a rarity.

But we can say about our clients and what we do for them is this:

  • we work in sectors ranging from Cosmetics, Automotive, Financial and Health, amongst others
  • we work for large and medium multinational companies.
  • we work for international clients around the world (66% of our turnover comes from outside Spain)
  • we organise events and trips both in Spain and in the rest of the world.