The Team

One of prêt&you’s strong points is its personal service.

Our slogan is “There is nothing more personal than being called by your name”. We firmly believe that behind great pieces of work there are great people. We are people working for people and for this reason our team is absolutely crucial to our success.


Its founders


His professional career features solid international experience, which he puts to good use every day at prêt&you. He enjoys making the design and style stand out in all the details, with creativity being one of his great passions.


With her restless spirit, her limits are only those of the imagination. She is capable of turning, in any part of the world, an idea into a prospect, a prospect into a project, always with style and, above all, attention to detail. She is at the heart, the passion and care of everything we are and do.

  The key to our success: our people


A straightforward person, natural, open and a great friend. His is the smile which leaves a permanent mark on all our clients. Every bit the famous television explorer, working with his brother Jesus Calleja, on the programme Extreme Challenge (Desafío Extremo) on the Cuatro network as well as other programmes, Kike has been with us for 4 years, providing his experience throughout the world, where no corner of it is too much for him, no challenge or adventure can make him give up.


Jordi is our specialist in high performance supersports vehicles. An advertising model and professional model, he has taken part in all sorts of productions and events with pret&you. A devotee of surfing and a healthy lifestyle, he brings his professionalism, passion and complete availability to all our projects.


Explorer and motorbiker, traveller and citizen of the world, professional model, lifestyle specialist. Like any good German he is an organised, methodical and precise professional, but after many years living in Spain he is a passionate lover of design, the Mediterranean and its lifestyle.


Professional driver, 4x4 specialist, as well as efficient driving trainer, amongst many other things. But the best things are his heart, dedication, professionalism and versatility. He always has a smile on his face, it doesn’t matter how tough the job is, he will make it lighter and easier to bear.

TOPO estudio creativo

Isaac and José are responsible for pret&you’s latest restyling. Founders and owners of TOPO estudio creativo, together with Sergio and Oli they are pret&you’s creative team.

Our thanks to our suppliers and the people we work with

Our decision to find and select the best suppliers throughout the world has given us the best of gifts: being able to rely on and trust them in all our projects.
Thanks to this we have succeeded in making our projects better and only for this we have asked them to send us photos, comments, opinions, etc. so that they form part of our corporate identity and join us on our web.

There are many suppliers, but we would like to give special thanks to: